Current Rotation- These Maps are subject to changes and votes. Map cycle will vary. 

Lfctf10 - Twin Temples Lush

Marics_ctf18 - The Pit 

 Lfctf9 - Slippery when wet "Slippy"

Lfctf4 - Send in the Clones

Marics_ctf21 - A Variation on the Blues 

LMCTF38- Chastity Belt CTF By Jalisko

Q2ctf2- Stronghold Opposition

Rtctf1a - Bleteys blues

 As2m7- Cacophony, "Caco"

xlctf2- Lil CTF

 Lfctf7 - McShminley Base

LMCTF40- The Rage CTF By Ztn

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