Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CTF?

A: "CTF" is short for Capture The Flag. It's a Team - Based Mod. The Goal is to Pickup the opposing Teams flag & bring it back to your bases flag. Which will score your team a Capture point. The team with the most points is declared the winner. (Max 8 captures)

 Q: Well if that's the goal, wouldn't it be boring for both teams to be going back and forth, bringing flags back to their teams base?

A: That's not the only objective in CTF. Players can choose to either defend the flag carrier, Recon, Defend base, or flag running. Using whatever means, along with Items and Powerups to defeat the other team.

Q: That sounds like fun, but isn't Lithium a DM mod? wouldn't mixing it make it confusing? What is so different about "Lithium" CTF?

A: Lithium was created on it's own for entirely other reasons. The Runes are based on the CTF Model However. The Only Difference is that this mod allows for more settings customization.

Q: Well if that's true, How come this Mod isn't Popular?

A: There are many mods for Quake2. This game is over a decade old! Not as populated as it once was. Players usually have a preference for their regular game mode.

Classic CTF, There are clearly things that could have been refined/changed/improved over the 10+ years it has been around. This Mod aims to achieve that, For Competitive or Casual Play.

 Q: Where can i get Mod information on how to play & what to expect, so i can play better?

A: The Mod Info tab contains all info including balance changes and additions that have been altered from Stock  Threewave CTF settings (Default).

 Q: Well that sounds interesting. How do i get started?

A: On the Home page, The server IP is located in the Gametracker box. Copy the IP and paste it into your quake2 console with the prefix "connect"

There is nothing to install. However, when you connect to the server, it will automatically Download Needed files & is placed in the Correct Directory. It's easier to just connect. If you don't like waiting, Go to the File Downloads Page for faster access.

 Q: Does Lithium Have the Super Fast Hook. Is there a grapple?

A: No. The Hook Pull speed is Default (650) However, The Hook Throw speed has been sped up to 800, to be more consistent. Yes. The grapple Is enabled for those that prefer it.

Q: In Summary, What are the balance changes in Lithium CTF?

A: Weapons, Armor, and Ammo were evenly redistributed throughout the map, for accessibility and balance. To prevent overusing any type of weapon. Players will spawn with some weapons. However, players don't start with any ammo, so it must be collected.

This is so that players can choose whatever weapon is needed or preferred. Also, Some of the Runes stats have been modified. (Specifics in the Mod-info tab). Some Dual Quad maps now have only 1 Quad per map now. Random Spawns. No Spawn Furthest (Prevents Players From Stalling)

Q: A BFG?! How is that fair?

The BFG Splash Area has been Reduced to (33% Radius).That means players can no longer fire at a wall causing a frag, unless it is in a much closer proximity.
Damage as a result is Significantly reduced.

In Addition, The player must hit the opponent directly with the Orb to do real Damage. It is Challenging to get frags with. Especially when players have the hook to evade and Rune Powerups. It's Primary role now  is to fire it in a crowded base to do chip damage for your team, Or to finish off weakened opponents. The Direct Orb does a little more damage than a Rocket blast.

The Bonus is that it's an energy weapon, it penetrates armor better. Useful for injured players that pickup armor often and have low health.
The BFG Laser is Increased by Strength. Only the Orb is affected by Quad + Strength. A direct hit with this is 125 x 7 = 875. Is usually, an instant frag.

Q:Where are all the Backpacks? I don't see them on any maps.

A: Backpacks are disabled to level the playing field. Since they only spawn every 180 seconds, it can give a good player a sizeable advantage in power shield and chaingun ammo (300). The player essentially has more ammo to burn with quad and more armor overall (PS). Which in my experience, makes countering much harder. However, there are bandoliers in the levels, that spawn every 60 seconds which offer comparable ammo stocks. (250) at a fairer ratio.

Q: Is there air-strafing in the mod? or is sv_airaccelerate enabled?

A: No. this mod is supposed to be as close to Threewave CTF as possible. still keeping the experience of CTF aligned, while making enough setting changes for a unique experience.

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