Commands:  This Section Contains Info on Lithium Item Changes and Effects.

Type These Commands into the Console To Assign Buttons for Using Items and Runes.

MOTD  (For Game Info.)

Bind Mouse2 +Hook or Use Grapple. (Both are enabled).

Bind R Drop Rune

Bind P Use Power Screen.

Artifacts/Runes - Players will encounter 5 Powerups, Scattered Randomly, Appearing in each Arena. Run over them to Pickup, Rune will activate Automatically. Effects are Continuous, Only 1 can be held. Dropped PowerUps Respawn every 30 seconds,(keep these as long as you can.)

Regeneration - Continuously heals lost health when damaged.  (Max 200). (Healing duration is a maximum of 35 seconds, depending on health, 1- 200).(Regen will not sustain Health above 200).

Haste - Doubles Firing rate of any weapon being used while held. (High accuracy will do more damage)

Strength - Based on the LMCTF model, Adds 66% Damage to Current Weapon. (In CTF Haste was always Secondary to Strength,This balances it.) (Direct Rocket = 120 +66% = 200 Total Damage) 

 Vampire -User Absorbs 50% of the Health Damage Inflicted To The Opponent, to a maximum of 200. (Health gained is further divided by opponents armor ratio(s).(See Damage Tables)

 Resist - Reduces Total Damage received by 33%. (broken in CTF. It now protects the player the same rate regardless of armors being used. (100 - 33% = 67 total damage)

Armors - Slight Changes have been made to accommodate Rune balance. The Armors Percentage rates of Absorbing Damage is shown below.

D= Damage Absorb
E = Energy Damage Absorb (Hyper, BFG)

Jacket Armor - D 33% / E 17% (was 30/0)

Body Armor - D 60%/ E 33%

Body Armor - D 75% / E 60%  (was 80)

 Power Shield - Additional armor that stacks on top of body armor ratio. D 66% / E 66%

 Power Screen -  Protects from attacks only to the Front. D 33% / E 33%

Items - Players no longer stay at 250 health permanently. There is the potential for Gaining More health. However, for balance purposes, health will deplete back to 200 over time.

Mega Health: (+100 Temporary Health Boost)
Players can Collect Up to 2 Mega-Healths Per map, Up to 400+ Health (max). However, Health depletes at double the Rate when more than 1 is Collected.
(Regen will not keep Health above 200!)

Weapons- Some Weapons have been altered for Balance. Players start with. Shotgun, Machinegun,Grenade Launcher, Hyperblaster and BFG. However, you must pickup the ammo!

Rocket Launcher: Direct Hit 120 dmg (Removed random Damage Factor of 1 - 20,)

BFG: 50% Less Damage, Area Splash Radius reduced to 33%.(175 Damage Max),(All Energy Damage)

HyperBlaster: Laser Travels +25% faster.(15 Damage per hit) (No Change)

Shotgun: Damage Increased by +25%.(60 max)

Machinegun: Quake Live Style -50% Recoil, -17.5% Damage (5
dmg per hit)

Chaingun: (6 Damage per hit) (No Change)

RailGun: (100 Damage per hit) (No Change)

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