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Active CTF Maps. 8 mb (Required)

active active
Size : 8265.394 Kb
Type : zip

Inactive CTF Maps. 9 mb (Optional)

Inactive Inactive
Size : 9307.074 Kb
Type : zip

Skins,Sounds,Models.All In One.10 mb (Optional)

Golgo13 Mega Golgo13 Mega
Size : 10130.847 Kb
Type : zip

Map Textures Only, 4mb (Recommended)
Size : 3718.465 Kb
Type : zip

A Complete Server Browser For Quake2 (Recommended)
Size : 59.387 Kb
Type : zip

This file is needed to connect to servers, Via webpage. (Optional)
Size : 9.902 Kb
Type : zip
lith ctf server.rar lith ctf server.rar
Size : 475.6 Kb
Type : rar

             Any Contributions are Greatly Appreciated!

Welcome, this server page is dedicated to Reinvigorating Quake 2 CTF.

Being an active player for 10+ years, Having knowledge of the game. To bring Quake2 L-Fire Players an experience that is a  Refined & Balanced Mod for Threewave CTF.

This Website is Mobile Device/56K Modem Friendly. (Under 500 kb of data per page)

Lithium CTF.(v1.31) Special Thanks to the Mod Creator "Whitefang".

Site Updated: 3/8/2017 (Increased Font size and other tweaks.)

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